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Architectural Cladding Solutions or ACS for short is a well established detailing and design service company that can offer all types of roofing and cladding draughting and estimating services.


18th Anniversary

Architectural Cladding Solutions is celebrating it's 18th anniversary on 1st December 2018.

We have detailed in excess of 1500 projects over this period. We have a strong customer base, focusing on our clients at a personal level. We have gone the extra mile to meet and exceed their needs, which is why we have become a sucessful company in the cladding industry.

  • Short lead-in times
  • Quick turn around
  • Close communication
  • Pro-active



Corus SBEC Building

SBEC South

A new research building is currently being built at Corus site in Shotton. This facility opened in 2011


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Grimshaw Lane, Manchester

We have recently completed a large development at Grimshaw Lane, Manchester. This was an existing asbestos clad large warehouse with patten-glazing rooflights of approximately 22000M2. This was stripped and resheeted with Corus Trisomet composite panels with GRP insulated rooflights. We carried out a full survey of all roof slopes and gutters, which there were over 22 different roof slopes. With carrying out acurate surveys and producing working drawings, our client was able to order and install works much effeciently than doing their own survey.